Let me touch you.

Anyone and everyone can do themselves some good by getting a massage. carve out some time & find some release.

Thai Massage is form of dynamic massage that guides the recipient through a series of passive stretches, combined with the use of rhythmic touch and acupressure techniques. Reiki is a form of energy work and alternative healing. It encourages the flow of energy throughout the body, releasing blockages that may be causing discomfort, stress or anxiety. 

Combining these forms of touch, I endeavour to guide you into a deep state of relaxation - releasing anything that doesn't serve you.


  • $100 / 60 min

  • $130 / 90 min

  • $150 / 120 min

  • $200 / 180 min

Contact me for sliding scale rates, first time specials and referral perks. 


Everyone! In our hustling everyday lives, we all need to slow down, drop-in to our bodies and let ourselves be cared for more often. Touch therapy is especially beneficial for soon-to-be/new mamas, athletes, people on their feet all day or people in chairs all day - i.e. EVERYONE!


" Have you ever watched Office Space?  The scene where the main character gets hypnotized, and while being hypnotized the guy doing the hypnosis has a heart attack.. so the main character gets stuck in a hypnotic type of state for the rest of the movie...well that's how I felt after the massage and it was awesome!  I hit traffic on the way home but I felt so relaxed and chill... I've never experienced anything like it. "


" The lovely Robin, she gave me a massage when I was 36 weeks pregnant. At this point in my pregnancy my lower back, hips and feet were the most obvious points calling out for attention. As Robin worked on me, I realized there were so many other places that were also in need of a little love. With care, and a little improvisation she gave me a full body massage that left me feel energized and rejuvenated. Robin was sensitive to my needs, and I felt I could easily let go into her strong and supportive care. "


" I have known Robin since high school and she has always had magic hands. I was able to have my first Thai massage with her the other day and was sure I was going to come back only 2 minutes in. I appreciated the professional environment she created. I booked in for a 1 hour massage and allowed her to use her judgement as to how long the appointment needed to be (it ended up being 90 minutes and I almost wish I had gone longer).   I had spend over 30 hours in a car the weekend previous and was in dire need to be adjusted. This is exactly what I needed. My body and mind had felt the best it had all week. "


" It was something that I had never experienced before.  I have never felt so calm, collected and relaxed.  And the feeling lasted for days. "