Hustler Profile : 15-year-old Kelvin Doe

How about THIS KID for some inspiration to start your week? Kelvin Doe is a prime example of my hustling mantras: "Make sh*t & make sh*t happen" and "NO EXCUSES".

"I spent many frustrating nights trying and failing, but nevertheless I persevered until I completed the project."

"Creativity is universal and can be found in places where one does not expect to find it. Perseverance and passion are essential to nurturing that creative ability... I urge you to look for young people with talent, creative abilities and passion in all places. Not just in places you might expect to find it." 

The wisdom, love and drive this young man embodies is enough to patch the cracks in anyone's heart and light a fire under all of our bums. Never stop striving to be the best version of yourself, aspire to inspire and affect positive change around you.

Watch these vids and be reminded of the genius potential that resides in all of us. WARNING: you may end up in a puddle of tears.