PWYC Park Yoga & Massage

I'm so excited to announce a wellness collaboration with friend and fellow hustler, Sonja of Zen Nomad. When we were Costa Rica this winter, we spent quite some time dreaming on the beach and in the river of ways we could work together. Here is the first of those dreams manifest.

This summer we'll be offering pay-what-you-can yoga & massage at Christie Pits Park. We'll also have a park-blanket-market of wellness wear, accessories and snacks that Sonja and I make.

We want to make finding bliss as accessible as possible

Thursdays, July 17 - August 28
Yoga @ 7pm - 8pm

Christie Pits Park
Just south of the soccer field on the east side of the park
( see map below )

To yoga, just show up 10 min before 7pm
To book a massage before yoga, email us:
Zen Shiatsu w/ Sonja - info@zennomad.ca
Thai Massage w/ Robin - royola@royola.ca


Meeting place is in the grassy zone below the soccer field.

Yoga anywhere, any climate.

Back Bend Lori.jpg

As fun as this mini winter photo shoot with my sister was, I can't wait to trade yoga in the polar vortex for yoga in the tropical vortex.  In mere days, I'll be off to Pavones, Costa Rica to join my teachers Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy for Downward Dog Yoga's Art of Vinyasa Advanced Teacher Training.  

Strengthening my chops to share yoga better.