let me touch you

Because, treat yourself.

Because you're on your bike a lot, you run a lot or you sit in front of a computer a lot.
Because your body works so hard for you daily and hard workers deserve recognition.
Because you don't need a reason to take time for yourself.
Because it will feel so damn good.

Let me touch you.

I'm offering 35 PWYC massages to finish off my Thai Massage certification from Still Light Centre. I've learned plenty and am inspired tonnes. I can't wait to share all I've learned and explore helping people feel damn good in their bodies.

My massage zone is all set up and waiting for you. 
Email me to book it in : royola@royola.ca

MONDAYS : 10am-12pm
TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS : 10am-12pm / 6-8pm
WEEKEND : 10am-12pm / 2-4pm