The perfect weekend.

This weekend has been my favourite since the start of our Toronto "summer". 

It involved a lot of food, a lot of hanging with my village, a lot of family, a lot of yoga, a lot of biking, a lot of enjoying the amazing weather, a lot of love and THIS MIX on repeat.

The weekend successfully came to a close with T&T's Night Market.  Deep fried everything and a fun slide.  Couldn't have asked for more.  Food hangover, totally worth it.


Anchor down to lift up.

I'm contemplating tattoos.

This past winter, when I was in Costa Rica searching for self, I became aware of a common theme to both my anxieties and newly formed insights. That being the issue of grounding.  One of the results of this period of reflection is this doodle of an anchor and balloon.   

On my daily walk to the beach, I would pass this incredible tree that had roots starting from its branches, reaching downwards, seeking ground.  One day I found myself standing and staring at these roots for quite a while.  After a moment of processing, the words "I feel you" left my lips. 

In that moment I realized my anxieties were born from my resistance or inability to root down into anything.  I didn't know where or how. 

One of my yoga teachers, Ron Reid, always says that the length in a stretch is determined by the integrity of one's grounding.  And like all yogic insights, I found this to ring true in all areas of my life.  You have to root to grow. One must anchor down to lift up.