Since experiencing the transformative effects of mindful movement practices, it has become my passion to help others find good-body-feel. We’ve only got one body in which we experience EVERYTHING. When we feel at our best in our skin, we feel at our best in our experiences. In my classes, I place equal importance on safe and informed movement as well as finding stillness and softness. Whether through a sweat-inducing yoga+pilates workout or through a massage-infused restorative class, I endeavour to help people feel at their best.


Catch me at GOODBODYFEEL for drop-in classes, teacher training and mentorship programs.


y o g a + p i l a t e s + r e f o r m e r
one-on-ones and small group privates are an amazing way to delve deeper into your movement practice. we work together to find specific ways to help you feel good in Y O U R body.

// $120
// preferential pricing when you book 3+
// sliding scale rates available

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If finances are a barrier, we can find a way forward. Money is a form of energy and I’m open to explore other ways to exchange energy. Don’t hesitate to engage in a conversation about financial considerations.